Modelmaker & Visual Effects

Movie fans who enjoyed 2009’s “Moon” got to see some of Steve Howarth’s amazing miniture work. Steve Howarth’s modelmaking career, like so many of his contemporaries, started out as a hobby, and, like many of them, no longer has the time for making models as a hobby, due to the increased workload of tighter and tighter deadlines.

Brought up on a diet of Gerry Anderson as a child, e.g. “Supercar,” “Fireball XL5,” etc., it wasn’t until later in life that Steve would re-discover his creative roots and passion for modelmaking, blaming “Blade Runner” in the main, for this re-kindling.

You’ve seen Steve’s work in “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” “AVP: Aliens vs. Predator,” “Thunderbirds,” “Space Truckers,” “Space Precinct,” “Red Dwarf,” “Prometheus,” “Die Another Day,” and more.

Working alone, he produced his first models, yet, even these early and rather crude attempts (by his own standards) earned him ‘best of class’ trophys at Wembly’s Model Engineers Exhibition in 1982 and 1983 and then entry into Herts College of Art & Design for a HND Modelmaking course, which he completed with Distinctions, “one of the most consistantly skilled and productive students ever to pass through the course” (Brian Holder-course leader).

From college, Steve went straight into architectural modelmaking, with regular intervals doing product modelmaking. Always with the dream of working in entertainment in the back of his mind, steve set about building up his portfolio and broadening his experience with as many and as varied contracts as possible, sub-contracting for many companies. Steve believed that by working for many companies, he would come into contact with many more techniques, than if he were to stay with one company for many years. This is reflected in the range of materials that he works with.

Steve is coming over from England for his very first WonderFest. Please welcome him!