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Meet the creative talents behind your favorite movies, TV shows, books and comics!

Here's where you'll find the list of guests for our 2016 show. More guests will be announced as contracts are finalized. Stay tuned...and sign up for our e-Newsletter to be notified with the latest news.

Most of our guests will have scheduled autographing times. Most will also be giving talks.

ALL GUEST APPEARANCES are subject to last-minute cancellation due to work commitments (or health). This is unavoidable when booking guests who are in-demand, current industry professionals. Cancellations, if any, will be immediately reported on this web site.

Gigi Edgley - Actress

Photo of Gigi EdgleyGigi Edgley currently co-hosts Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge on SyFy, but fans will remember her as the impish Chiana on FARSCAPE. Originally from Australia, Gigi has starred in countless film and television series including USA’s THE STARTER WIFE, RESCUE SPECIAL OPS, TRICKY BUSINESS, SyFy’s SHOWDOWN AT AREA 51 and QUANTUM APOCALYPSE, CARLOTTA, NEWCASTLE, BLACK JACK, PEACEKEEPER WARS, STINGERS, SECRET LIFE OF US, BEASTMASTER, LOST WORLD, WATER RATS and DAY OF THE ROSES. She's an accomplished stage actress, as well as a recording artist, creator of original comic books, director and  producer. Her team raised over $44,000 on Kickstarter to fund an s-f short called HASHTAG. Currently she is filming NEXUS. She'll soon be seen sporting a Starfleet uniform in the STAR TREK CONTINUES episode "Come Not Between the Dragons." She's fun and outgoing, and we're thrilled to welcome her to WonderFest!

Kirk Thatcher - Filmmaker

Photo of Kirk ThatcherKirk Thatcher may be recognizable as one of the judges on Jim Henson Creature Shop Challenge, but perhaps his most enduring fame is as the punk rocker Spock pinches in STAR TREK IV. He's an Emmy and Webby award winning writer, producer, creature and production designer and film director. His career began at age 18 working for Industrial Light and Magic. He designed, built, painted, and puppeteered creatures for RETURN OF THE JEDI, STAR TREK II and III, E.T., POLTERGEIST, and GREMLINS. Following ILM, he and David Fincher set up their own company doing music videos for artists like Rick Springfield, the Motels and more. He went on to work with Disney and then the Jim Henson Company and still works for both today. He wrote and produced DINOSAURS and other Muppet TV movies and shows, including the recent TURKEY HOLLOW.

William Malone - Director

Photo of William MaloneWonderFest is Scared to Death to welcome William Malone to 2016's celebration of creation! From superfan to master sculptor to genre director, Bill has been making his dreams come true since moving to Hollywood at the age of 19. He's responsible for many of the most famous Don Post Studio designs of the 1970's and is the owner and restorer of filmdom's most famous robot, FORBIDDEN PLANET's original Robby! He transitioned into direction with 1980's SCARED TO DEATH--also creating the film's Giger-inspired Syngenor--and went on to helm CREATURE (starring Klaus Kinski), 1999's HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL and several TV horror series episodes including TALES FROM THE CRYPT, MASTERS OF HORROR and FREDDY'S NIGHTMARES!

Nick Tate - Actor

Photo of Nick TateWhen Gerry Anderson blew the moon out of orbit in 1975's Space: 1999, he also launched actor Nick Tate into the embrace of s-f fandom. Nick's long career has seen him appearing in numerous genre favorites like Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, The X-Files, Farscape, Lost, and the upcoming Jamie Anderson TV movie Firestorm. Round 2's release of the Eagle from Space: 1999 made this the perfect year to welcome Nick to the fun.

Nick Tate's appearance is sponsored by CultTVman's Hobbyshop! Visit their website.

Robert Welch - Author

Photo of Robert WelchTo celebrate the 60th birthday of FORBIDDEN PLANET, we invited Robert Welch to the 'Fest. Robert is co-editor of “The Wizard of MGM,” a memoir of his remarkable grandfather A. Arnold “Buddy” Gillespie, head of special effects for the studio in its heyday. Gillespie was responsible for the visual effects in many films, but the impact of his work in THE WIZARD OF OZ and FORBIDDEN PLANET is still considered landmark today. Robert has presented at Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, Turner Classic Movies, sci-fi and comic book conventions, and contributed to the 75th anniversary DVD for the WIZARD OF OZ. He even worked on VFX for TEAM AMERICA. You can order his book here.

Mark Schultz - Artist & Author

Photo of Mark SchultzReturning guest Mark Schultz's lifelong interest in the sciences and natural history led him to create the award-winning Xenozoic Tales and co-create the undersea adventure SubHuman, as well as to write such non-fiction projects as The Stuff of Life, a Graphic Guide to Genetics and DNA. He has illustrated a collection of Robert E. Howard’s Conan of Cimmeria and the autobiography of Charles R. Knight. Currently, he recently published a gorgeously illustrated novella, Storms at Sea. Mark's also one of the famed Good Lizard Men, along with William Stout and the late Al Williamson. We're delighted to see this mega-talented friend return!

Michael J. Ryan, Ph.D. - Paleontologist

Photo of Michael J. Ryan by Lonnie Timmons III, The Plain DealerMichael Ryan is Curator and Head of Vertebrate Paleontology at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. He has discovered and described (or co-described) three new dinosaur species and is currently working on describing several more. He has traveled on expeditions to remote locations in Mongolia, Africa, and South America, both as an expedition leader and as a specialist on teams led by the well-known dinosaur authorities Philip Currie and Paul Sereno. Michael has also devoted years to helping the public understand his work: not just dinosaurs but also the field work that it takes to recover and study them.

Rick Catizone - Animator/VFX

Photo of Rick CatizoneRick Catizone has spent 50 years creating animation and special effects for commercials and feature films, such as Creepshow, Creepshow 2, Evil Dead 2, Dark Half, and the original Night of the Living Dead. He has had the opportunity to design characters, sculpt makeup elements, design and machine stop-motion armatures, supervise animation and production, and bring those creations to life by animating drawings or puppets or digital characters. He has always been intrigued with the beautiful work in resin kits, and last year decided to enter the fray, releasing his Mighty Joe Young concept through Resin Realities. Rick is now working on a commission for a special series, and some personal pieces for the show. He loves meeting fans, and also the chance to meet the many talented artists and sculptors whose work he enjoys.

Adam Johnson - Author

Photo of Adam JohnsonAdam Johnson, whose last appearance marked the release of his amazing book, 2001: The Lost Science, is back with a follow-up book to premiere at WonderFest that will reveal even more coolness from 2001. Adam is an engineer and scholar of science-fiction. He worked very closely with the late Frederick I. Ordway III, science advisor on 2001: A Space Odyssey, to research the material amassed by Ordway. Adam has given many lectures and radio interviews about 2001 and Frederick Ordway. Besides bringing and presenting about his new book, Adam will have a display of rare 2001 materials at a table in Dealer Room B!

JUST ADDED: Joining Adam will be Albert Ordway, son of the late Fred Ordway III. He will be available for discussion about his experiences with his father at the table on Saturday.

Eric Chu - Designer-Illustrator

Photo of Eric ChuThe Cylon God returns!  Conceptual designer for SyFy's hit retooling of Battlestar Galactica, storyboard and layout artist for animated series including Beetlejuice, Droids, Babar and the legendary J Michael Straczynski-penned kid's show Captian Power and the Soldiers of the Future, Eric's been busy with a new s-f puppet project called Firestorm with Jamie Anderson and a very talented team. On our Facebook page we'll be posting a follow-up with a sneak peek at Firestorm filming.... Stay tuned!.  Visit Eric's Paranoid Delusions Facebook page.

John Eaves - Designer-Illustrator & VFX Model-maker

Photo of John EavesNicest Guy in Showbiz/WonderFest fan fave/Nimrod Award winner John Eaves beams in from working on Guardians of the Galaxy 2 for another super show appearance this June! The man has a credit list that stretches from here to low earth orbit! Recently he has performed design and illustration chores on Pixels, Ninja Turtles 2, Captain America Civil War, Star Trek Beyond, and even box art for Revell and Moebius! A master fx modeler, production and fine artist and pinup photographer(!) as well, John always delivers fascinating behind-the-scenes presentations to attendees and leaves us wanting more. Follow John's blog "Eavesdropping with Johnny."

Ken Palkow - Prop Making Wizard

Photo of Ken PalkowKen Palkow's career in the film industry began while watching shows like... Battlestar Galactica, Space 1999, and Buck Rogers. His love for s-f would ultimately take him to Hollywood as a special effects, weapons, and prop fabricator. He's built everything from serum canisters in Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Kate Beckinsale's weapons in Underworld: Awakening, Colonial sidearms in Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome. Recent projects include TV's The FlashStar Trek Into Darkness, the Robocop remake, Almost Human, the new Godzilla, and most recently, props for Deadpool. Ken will bring screen used props to give WonderFesters an up close sneak peek. To see more of his work, check out his imdb page.

Frank Dietz - Artist, Producer, Director, Writer and Actor

Photo of Frank Dietz

It's a delight to welcome back the multi-talented Frank Dietz! He's a founding member of the Damn Dirty Geeks podcast, co-owner of Benevolent Monster Productions (with past guest Trish Geiger), and author/artist of the upcoming book Sketchy Things: The Art of Frank Dietz. The Beast Wishes documentary about Bob and Kathy Burns that he and Trish cooked up was fantastic...and then came their mockumentary short A Zombie Next Door and now this year WonderFest will host the East Coast Premiere of their new doc, Long Live the King-The Legacy of Kong! Visit Frank's website and hear his latest podcast here.

William Stout - Illustrator & Good Lizard Man

Photo of William StoutThere's really only one word to describe our long-time WonderFest guest artist, collaborator and friend: Legend. From underground comix and album art from the LA rock scene to movie posters and production design to consistently dazzling the world of Paleo-art and Dinosaur science, William Stout has done it all as a master of all media. He's been as prolific as ever, recently completing his Pleistocene wildlife mural for the San Diego Zoo, designing a new poster for his favorite film King Kong and moving into a new studio space. Watch for updates on his WF 2016 tee shirt design, coming soon! Feast your eyes on Bill's work on his website.

Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II Cast & Crew

Photo of Star Trek New Voyages cast & crew

Brandon Stacy - "Mr. Spock"

Brandon is a bi-coastal actor working in film and television. He's known for advancing the five-year mission through space as the multi-layered and beloved Mr. Spock in the acclaimed web series Star Trek: New Voyages/ Phase II. Brandon can also be seen in the Oscar winning film, The Big Short. Other credits include Roots (2016), Underground, American Horror Story, Terminator Genesis, NCIS-New Orleans, Zoo, and upcoming Startup.

Robert Withrow - "Admiral Withrow"

Robert portrays Admiral Robert "Bob" Withrow, Chief of Operations of the sector the Enterprise patrols in Star Trek New Voyages/Phase II web series. The character has appeared in the vignette "Going Boldly" and the episodes "Mind-Sifter," and "The Holiest Thing."  "Admiral Withrow" is a reoccurring character and will appear in the soon to be released episode "Torment of Destiny." Robert is a lifelong fan and has one of the largest screen-used Trek uniform collections in the country. He is an entrepreneur and owns a successful window manufacturing and home improvement company.

Ronn Smith - Actor

Bitten by the acting-bug at age ten Ronn has acted in numerous stage productions, television commercials, documentaries, and in feature films. He appeared in the Star Trek: New Voyages episode, “Enemy Starfleet." Currently, he is working his own fan-film, “Doctor Who: The Classic Series Regenerated,” based on the Tom Baker Doctor Who. He is slated to portray Dr. John Watson in the upcoming stage production “Sherlock Holmes and the Beast of Whitechapel,” produced by the Astral Theater Collective.

Dale Morton - Makeup, sculpture, props

Dale is owner of DALE MORTON STUDIO, a company in West Virginia that creates professional mascot character costumes for schools and corporations all across America. In addition to mascots Dale also creates custom masks, creatures, makeup, props & armor.  In addition to costumes and creatures Dale has also sculpted model kits for Three Kings Resin.

Jeff Barklage - Cinematographer, S.O.C.

Jeff is a professional cinematographer with years of experience filming everything from feature films and music videos to Superbowl commercials winning many awards for his work including 2 Emmys, 5 Tellys, and 5 Addys. He had the privilege of working and learning from the original TOS cinematographer Gerald "Jerry" Finnerman.

Shawn Tabor - Property Master

Shawn Tabor, Capt, USAFR (RET) Is CEO of Battlegrounds Productions. He serves as military technical advisor, writer, prop maker, stock footage provider, and researcher to the entertainment industry. He has contributed to over 300 features, television shows, and music videos to date. In addition to his New Voyages/Phase II duties he is currently producing the movie "Vilkova" (that he also co-wrote) and working on the screenplay for "Ghosts in the Fog."

Visit the Star Trek New Voyages website.

Cortlandt Hull & Bill Diamond - Filmmakers

Photo of Cortlandt Hull & Bill DiamondTwin titans of terror Cortlandt Hull and Bill Diamond return to WonderFest in 2016 with new figures to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Witch's Dungeon Classic Movie Museum! Open every consecutive year since 1966, it's considered the longest running in the country! In recent years Bill has donated elaborate sets for the newly expanded museum. Cortlandt and Bill have been a big part of the 'Fest for many years now and we encourage you to visit preservehollywood.org and billdiamondproductions.com to learn more about their efforts and support our heritage of horror, fantasy and science fiction history!

Mark Maddox - Artist

Photo of Mark MaddoxRondo and Pulp Factory award-winning artist Mark Maddox returns for WonderFest 2016!  A fan-favorite for many years, Mark's been busy lately with cover and illustration work for Doctor Who Magazine, as well as Warner Brothers, EMCE Toys, SCREEM Magazine, HorrorHound, Little Shoppe Of Horrors, Video Watchdog and many, many more efforts!  His exclusive WonderFest print from 2014 was a beauty, and he'll have many new and dazzling works on display and for sale this year as well...

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