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Meet the guests for 2014!

Meet the creative talents behind your favorite movies, TV shows, books and comics!

Here's where you'll find the list of guests for our 2014 show. More guests will be announced as contracts are finalized. Stay tuned...and sign up for our e-Newsletter to be notified with the latest news.

Most of our guests will have scheduled autographing times. Most will also be giving talks.

ALL GUEST APPEARANCES are subject to last-minute cancellation due to work commitments (or health). This is unavoidable when booking guests who are in-demand, current industry professionals. Cancellations, if any, will be immediately reported on this web site.

Cancellation Notice: Previously announced guests Chris Walas and Doug Drexler have cancelled their WonderFest appearances due to work commitments.

Joe Alves - Production Designer & Director

Photo of Joe AlvesDa dum. Da dum. Cue the shark! WonderFest is thrilled to welcome Academy Award-nominated Art Director, Production Designer, and Director Joe Alves. Joe got his start at age 19 working with animator Josh Meador to create the memorable ID monster for Forbidden Planet. Joe would continue his career working on such classic films as Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, Torn Curtain, and The Sugarland Express. But then he scared us out of the water with Jaws, Jaws 2, and Jaws 3D. He had us watching the skies in Close Encounters of The Third Kind, and introduced us to Snake Plissken in Escape From New York. He was also the Art Director of "Rod Serling's Night Gallery." Joe is a great storyteller and loves meeting movie fans. Please welcome him to his first-ever WonderFest appearance. Visit Joe's website.

Carol Bauman - Model & Makeup FX

Photo of Carol BaumanCarol Bauman, long-time employee of the ILM model shop and its successors, Kerner Optical and Kernerworks, will be returning to WonderFest! Carol’s a WonderFest fan favorite: A modelmaker and sculptor whose filmography includes the “Star Wars” prequels, "Transformers 2," "Pirates of the Caribbean,” "Pearl Harbor,” “A.I.,” “Galaxy Quest,” “Men in Black,” “Star Trek First Contact,” and “Starship Troopers.” As film modelmaking work has been supplanted by CGI, Carol has stayed busy working on government contract projects, including making award-winning trauma training dummies for the US Army. Carol will share with us the "making of" story of a very special project. She and Mark Walas supervised a wonderful model of Disneyland for the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. It has since become the museum's star attraction and will be the subject of her presentation.

Rick Sternbach - Designer-Illustrator

Photo of Rick SternbachRick Sternbach's design and illustration have shaped the look of Star Trek: The Motion Picture and The Last Starfighter. Beginning with The Next Generation, Rick was one of the first employees hired to update the Trek universe. He created new spacecraft, tricorders, phasers, and hundreds of other props and set pieces. Rick added Deep Space Nine and Voyager to his spacecraft inventory, and kept his hand in real space design with Voyager’s Ares IV Mars orbiter. Rick contributed graphic designs for Star Trek Nemesis, including the new Romulan bird of prey and Senate chamber floor. He also provided computer playback graphics and animation elements for Steven Soderbergh’s Solaris. In 2004, Rick began Space Model Systems, Inc, providing the space modeler with what many consider the best aftermarket decals for historical spacecraft. (SMS is currently offline but will be back sometime in 2014.)

John Eaves - Designer-Illustrator & VFX Model-maker

Photo of John EavesNicest Guy in Showbiz/WonderFest fan fave/Nimrod Award winner John Eaves beams down for another super show appearance this May! The man has a credit list that stretches from here to low earth orbit and he's been kept busy the past few years with design and illustration chores on Iron Man 3, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Captain America The Winter Soldier... and some projects so secret he'd be hustled into an unmarked black helicopter and repurposed as fertilizer for talking about. We'll ask him anyway! A master fx modeler, production and fine artist and pinup photographer(!) as well, John always delivers fascinating behind-the-scenes presentations to attendees and leaves us wanting more. Follow John's blog "Eavesdropping with Johnny."

Ken Palkow - Prop Making Wizard

Photo of Ken PalkowKen Palkow's career in the film industry actually began while sitting in front of the TV, as a child, watching shows like... Battlestar Galactica, Space 1999, and Buck Rogers. His love for science fiction would ultimately take him to Hollywood as a special effects, weapons, and prop fabricator. He's built everything from serum canisters in Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Kate Beckinsale's weapons in Underworld: Awakening, Colonial sidearms in Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome, to the Riptide sword in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. Some of Ken's more recent projects include building the Federation phasers and alien weapons for Star Trek Into Darkness, weapons for the Robocop remake, props for the TV series Almost Human, and all kinds of gadgets for the new Godzilla. Ken has promised to bring some screen used props to give WonderFest visitors an exclusive up close sneak peek so be sure to stop by his table and check those out. If you would like to see more of his work, check out his imdb page.

John Goodwin - Makeup Artist

Photo of John GoodwinWonderFest welcomes back its resident makeup maestro this May! John's been a friend and 'Fest collaborator for decades while juggling Master-of-Mayhem duties on hit shows CSI, CSI: NY, and feature films like Men in Black, Symbiosis, John Carpenter's The Thing and Critters.  He'll be working his transformative magic on some lucky (?) subjects over the weekend, so don't stray into any darkened corners or fall too far behind your friends in the labyrinthine recesses of the Crowne Plaza... lest you become a... volunteer.

Robert Tinnell - Writer-Director

Photo of Robert TinnellWonderFest is thrilled to host writer/director Robert Tinnell's premiere of That $#!% Will Rot Your Brain at this year's event and welcome him as he joins us as a first-time guest! He's directed feature and television films including Kids of the Round Table (1995), Frankenstein and Me (1996) and Believe (2000), and written comics and graphic novels for print and web markets such as The Wicked West, The Living and The Dead, Sight Unseen and the multi Rondo Award-winning The Black Forest. A multi-talented monsterkid!

Dr. Gangrene (Larry Underwood) - Horror Host

Photo of Doc GangreneA part of Saturday night shenanigans for over a dozen 'Fests, we're pleased to have Larry/Doc return for 2014 as our patron Host of Horrors! Dr. Gangrene has achieved national notoriety, appearing on a variety of stations and media outlets including Spike TV, USA Today, Gear Magazine, Rue Morgue, Scary Monsters Magazine and The Nashville Scene and in 2011 the good doctor appeared in a cameo in the Dick Tracy Comic strip. He's a two-time Rondo Award winner, multiple Emmy nominee and a pro comic artist and writer, with work appearing in Outre, Scary Monsters and many other venues! Welcome back Larry! Visit the web home of Nashville Horror Host Dr. Gangrene

Kerry Gammill - Illustrator

Photo of Kerry GammillKerry broke into the comics industry in 1979, and spent nearly 20 years creating captivating art and illustration for titles like Power Man and Iron Fist, Marvel Team-Up, and Superman. After leaving comics he became an FX concept artist, character designer, and storyboard artist for movies, TV shows, and the gaming industry. Projects he worked on include Virus, Species II, Phantoms, The Outer Limits, and Tremors: The Series. In 2001, Vanguard Productions published Kerry Gammill's Drawing Monsters and Heroes for Comics and Film and he's currently CEO of Monsterverse Entertainment, producing groundbreaking efforts like Flesh and Blood and Bela Lugosi's Tales From the Grave! Visit the website of Kerry's company.

Andy Yanchus & Dennis Prince - Aurora Monster Scenes Authors

Photo of Andy Yanchus & Dennis PrinceWonderFest is thrilled to welcome Aurora Plastics legend Andy Yanchus and author/Monster Scenes mogul Dennis Prince in 2014!

Andy's decade-long career at Aurora in R&D and as Hobby Kit Project Manager made him the man behind many genre modeler's favorite classic lines like Monster Scenes, Prehistoric Scenes, Comic Scenes and the 70's reissues of classic sci-fi vehicles! He went on to become a colorist for Marvel Comics for 17 more years and has written extensively about the history of Aurora, but his in(?)famous association with the controversial Monster Scenes model kit line is what brought him together with Dennis Prince, who has revived the brand and is documenting its fascinating and fear-frought history in the new book AURORA MONSTER SCENES: THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL TOYS OF A GENERATION! This lavishly-illustrated volume will have its world premiere at WF 25 and will feature a treasure trove of gruesome goodies and never before seen material from the golden era of plastic modeling, and they'll also be presenting a spellbinding look at the hidden history of the most beloved company in our twisted little hearts as a bonus for attendees...

William Stout - Illustrator & Good Lizard Man

Photo of William StoutThere's really only one word to describe our long-time WonderFest guest artist, collaborator and friend: Legend. From underground comix and album art from the LA rock scene to movie posters and production design to consistently dazzling the world of Paleo-art and Dinosaur science, Bill has done it all as a master of all media. He's been as prolific as ever, recently completing his Pleistocene wildlife mural for the San Diego Zoo, designing a new poster for his favorite film King Kong and moving into a new studio space. Watch for updates on his 25th anniversary WF tee shirt design, coming soon! Feast your eyes on Bill's work on his website.

Eric Chu - Designer-Illustrator

Photo of Eric ChuThe Cylon God returns!  Conceptual designer for SyFy's hit retooling of Battlestar Galactica, storyboard and layout artist for animated series including Beetlejuice, Droids, Babar and the legendary J Michael Straczynski-penned kid's show Captian Power and the Soldiers of the Future, Eric has crossed the globe from Hong Kong to Vancouver, leaving a trail of broken hearts and shattered minds — yet still eludes capture by INTERPOL!  He's been busy with some shadowy projects of a personal nature since his first appearance at last year's 'Fest-- including getting hitched and doting on his baby boy — and will be made to TALK about it all weekend long.  We have ways...  Visit Eric's Paranoid Delusions Facebook page.

Cortlandt Hull & Bill Diamond - Filmmakers

Photo of Cortlandt Hull & Bill DiamondTwin titans of terror Cortlandt Hull and Bill Diamond return to WonderFest in 2014 with a new documentary, Classic Chillers of the Silver Screen, and will also unveil a new life-sized classic horror figure just for us! Film preservationists, documentarians — The Aurora Monsters, Phantom of the Opera: Unmasking the Masterpiece — artists, sculptors and master puppeteers, Cortlandt and Bill have been a big part of the 'Fest for many years now and we encourage you to visit preservehollywood.org and billdiamondproductions.com to learn more about their efforts and support our heritage of horror, fantasy and science fiction history!

Belle Dee - Illustrator

Photo of Belle DeeRondo-winning artist Belle Dee (AKA Shana Bilbrey) returns to WonderFest in 2014! You've seen her one-of-a-kind visions gracing the covers and interiors of magazines like Horrorhound, Rue Morgue and Little Shop of Horrors and our sold-out show shirts in the past and she'll be back with more of her unique, charming work as well as her unique, charming self this May!

Visit her blog to see more of her artwork.

Jay Leisten - Uncanny Comic Artist

Photo of Jay LeistenWe welcome back Louisville’s own super-prolific comic artist and inker Jay Leisten for 2014! Jay’s work has been seen in a dazzling array of titles including The Amazing Spider-Man, Aquaman, Batman: War Crimes, The Flash, Iron Man, Thor: Son of Asgard, Tomb of Dracula, Werewolf by Night—you kinda get the fact we’re not exaggerating, right?—and has currently been working the X-Men side of Avengers vs X-Men and just wrapped up a 5-issue arc of Captain America as well! We bet his hand cramps up from time to time…

Mark Maddox - Illustrator

Photo of Mark MaddoxRondo and Pulp Factory award-winning artist Mark Maddox returns to the Fest for our 25th! Always prolific, Mark’s done illustration for Doctor Who Magazine, Warner Brothers, EMCE Toys, SCREEM Magazine, Little Shoppe of Horrors, Mad Scientist, Cornerstone Publishing, Diabolique Magazine, Alchemy Werks, Black Coat Press, Flying Labs Software, White Rocket Books, Moonstone Comics’ Kolchak: The Night Stalker Files, The Heap, The Red Menace and Flint and much, much more! Rumor has it that he’s working on a commemorative WonderFest anniversary piece that will blow the minds of modelers and we can’t wait to get a look at it! Mark appears courtesy of Anthony Taylor and our friends at Monsterama.


More guests will be announced in the coming months--stay tuned!

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